Experimental Design Lab


Conclusion: In conclusion, we found that our results proved our hypothesis correct. According to our graph, the grass, which was farther away from the abiotic factor, had the most amounts of insects and an average of four. Whereas, the boxes near the pole all had zero insects in them. And the sand, which did not have as much nutrients as the grass had an average of one insect. Our findings would be similar to what we would find in an actual population of other organisms. In most cases, organisms would not like to be near the presence of an abiotic factor because of the lack of nutrients that life requires. Throughout our experiment, we might have had some causes of error, such as, not seeing the correct amount of insects, not digging the correct box dimensions, or even recording the results incorrectly. If we could have done something differently, we would have dug the boxes in each environment closer together, in order to get more accurate results.